In the previous posts we described the vision we set on with Klondike. Now it’s time to move further and discuss some of the ideas for the 2021 roadmap. As the DAO would be taking over and the community growing, the roadmap can extend much further, what has happened to Sushi as well.

  1. Bootstrapping of debt market
  2. Building new synthetic tokens
  3. DAO governance and tokenomics update
  4. Migration of K-tokens to L2
  5. Bootstrapping Klondike Ecosystem

Stage 1:

Bootstrapping the debt market

Building a large liquid debt market is an extremely difficult task, and so far none of the seigniorage coins have coped with this task well. We believe the focus should be on creating additional tools for bootstrapping a debt market for bonds.

First of all, it is the calibration of our stabilization fund and automation of its activities. For this purpose, we are planning to create several “feedback systems’’ which could adapt the work of the stabilization fund depending on market conditions. Secondly, it is the creation of a market for liquid bonds, so that investors “do not get stuck in bonds” if they buy it. Now this is very reminiscent of the exit from the DAO problem and the ragequit mechanism, which saves from being stuck in DAO as pioneered by Moloch.

We are working on the implementation of such features for our bonds — stay tuned.

Building new synthetic tokens

We stated in our vision that we want to become a platform for a wide variety of assets. And we plan to start actively moving in this direction in Q1. First of all, we want to focus on crypto assets and DeFi assets — we will create and work with the most liquid crypto assets within a single platform. If you want to create some special synthetic asset — ping us!

KSwap launch

We want to make it possible to swap k-tokens within the protocol — without slippage, without high fees and without KYC. This will allow the system to implement a single debt market and a multiple market for synthetic tokens: Klon holders will receive a reward for any increase in the supply in the system (each new token >> support increase >> KLON holders receive a reward), and a single liquid debt market will support the system in the event of falling demand for synthetic assets.

Stage 2:

Creation of real world synthetic assets

We’re going to bring synthetic assets on traditional financial assets to our system and make them available for trading for our community.

Migration to L2

Today Ethereum suffers from a very high gas price and we expect high demand for our tokens on L2 (such as xDAI, Matic, zkSync, Optimism). We want to make our synthetic tokens available on these platforms as well and explore further opportunities.

DAO Governance and updated tokenomics

For us, decentralization is not an empty phrase and we really want the products to be managed in a fully decentralized manner by the community. We plan to implement the functionality for transferring the work of the stabilization fund / asset release to the DAO, and to implement actions that require active participation (for example, managing oracles, calling the functions of initiating rebases), implement integration with Keep3R and transfer this functionality to holders. YOU are the owners, not the team currently behind.

The second important aspect of the work is the tokenomics update. Current tokenomics incentivize more short-term holders during rebases, which leads to sharp volatility of the token before rebases. We want to implement certain changes to the Boardroom to reward long term holders of KLON, and make sure KLON has strong value accrual.

Stage 3:

Derivatives launch

There are a huge number of financial instruments in horizon: synthetics, options, margin trading etc. However, in current configurations, building each tool requires a development team and staff to support the solution. We want to implement a Klondike-based framework that will allow anyone to create a synthetic asset, a financial derivative with the logic they need — regardless of whether it is a real world asset or a crypto asset.

Algorithmic synthetics platform